A Guide to Different Types of Pedestrian Crossings in the UK

In the bustling landscape of the United Kingdom, pedestrians and drivers coexist on the roads, making safety a paramount concern. Pedestrian crossings play a crucial role in ensuring the safe passage of individuals on foot. Understanding the various types of pedestrian crossings is key to promoting harmony between pedestrians and drivers. This guide explores the different types of pedestrian crossings in the UK and their unique features.

1. Zebra Crossings:

  • Easily identified by black and white striped markings on the road.
  • No traffic lights, but pedestrians have the right of way once they step onto the crossing.
  • Drivers must stop and allow pedestrians to cross.

2. Pelican Crossings:

  • Controlled by traffic lights.
  • Pedestrians press a button to activate the lights, and a red figure signals them to stop.
  • When the green figure appears, pedestrians can safely cross.

3. Puffin Crossings:

  • Similar to Pelican Crossings but equipped with sensors to detect pedestrians.
  • The red and green signal is displayed based on the actual presence of pedestrians, improving efficiency.

4. Toucan Crossings:

  • Named for “two-can” (pedestrians and cyclists) crossing together.
  • Features separate signal controls for pedestrians and cyclists, allowing both to cross simultaneously. Check out the Advantages of Automatic Driving Lessons

5. Pedestrian Crossings with Islands:

  • Designed with a central refuge island for pedestrians.
  • Crossings are split into two stages, with the island providing a haven in the middle of the road.

6. Pegasus Crossings:

  • Specifically designed for equestrians.
  • Similar to Pelican Crossings but accommodates horse riders who can use a mounted button to activate the lights.

7. School Crossing Patrols (SCP) or “Lollipop” Patrols:

  • It is operated by a crossing guard holding a “lollipop” sign.
  • Guards help children cross safely at designated points, especially near schools.

8. Simultaneous Green Pedestrian Crossings:

  • Allows pedestrians to cross in any direction, including diagonally.
  • Signalized by a green man figure and is often found in busy city centers.


Understanding the different types of pedestrian crossings in the UK is crucial for both pedestrians and drivers. Each type serves a unique purpose, and compliance with the rules ensures the safety and efficiency of road users. Whether it’s the familiar Zebra Crossing or the advanced Toucan Crossing, these crossings collectively create a safer and more pedestrian-friendly urban environment. Take affordable Driving lessons near Cambridge